My thoughts - My Imprint

Diet Tips - here we go - SUGAR

Ok time to make some serious changes to what fuel I am filling up this body with,  I put premium fuel in my car - do I give my body the same respect.

Time to start to make a change and take tips from a variety of sources.

#1 recommended sugar intake  5 teaspoons for women (20 grams) -  ingredients that end in –ose are sugar.


clocks continue to tick - people are well, people are sick

feelings of emptiness, loss and compassion - is this normal or a parting trend in fashion

a new day breaks - I am told that is hope

where are you now - how will we cope

please breathe, please don’t stop

a new day breaks - a newborns cry

I know you are with me - on your wings we will fly

I draw from you my strength - as life moves along

as day turn to night - I try to stay strong

In my heart I hold you - your smell and your touch

forever never grows old - I love you so much

Back to work tomorrow - what to do today,  stay home chill out and play on the computer or go out shop and do something, weather not that great today.


Why is it - some people can have done nothing wrong to you yet you just can’t seem to like them and feel uncomfortable in their presence.


Today I start this blog, with my best friend the back space key.  Hope your day will be filled with fun and joy.  A day with family and friends is in plan for me and to make it all the more exciting - the sun is out and it is going to be a hot one.  Enjoy.